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Mobile Applications

The traditional ways you are used to interacting with your customers, employees and partners have continued to evolve and are now mobile and without the boundaries of the office or desktop environment. Each of your key audiences is now armed with a tool that can make them more efficient, accessible and connected to your business – their Mobile device!

With mobile solutions, you can now allow your customers and employees to access information, perform key tasks, receive valuable updates and improve their productivity by doing things from their mobile device that they have traditionally been tethered to a computer to do. This improved touch and accessibility allows anyone to get the information they need, when they need it, from anywhere they may be.

Mobile Application Development Solutions
ettain group’s Mobile Application Development helps you align your business goals with specific functionality you’d like your audience to access from their mobile devices. Mobile applications can be fully functional mobile versions of your website or very specific task driven applications that can be installed on the user’s mobile device.

Some examples of mobile application uses are:

• Store / Office Locator • Timekeeping / Approval
• Portfolio Management • Inventory Management
• “Push” Reporting • eCommerce
• Mobile Alerts • CRM Integration
• Data Entry / Tracking • Customer Service

Mobile Device Compatibility
ettain group can help you develop Mobile Applications for the majority of the mobile devices on the market today, as well as help you enhance your website to be compatible across most mobile devices. Based on your desired application and audience, let ettain group help you deploy robust, customer and employee-centric mobile applications for use with:

• iPhone/iPad • Android
• Blackberry • Windows Mobile 7
• Mobile Web Applications

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